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0000541The Dark ModAIpublic24.05.2011 15:16
Reportercrispy Assigned Tograyman 
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Target VersionTDM 1.06Fixed in VersionTDM 1.06 
Summary0000541: AI should turn on lights while searching nearby
DescriptionLighting torches / switching on lights is typically a "menial" task, so AI won't bother to do it when they're doing more urgent things, like searching. In general this is a good thing, because you wouldn't want the AI getting distracted from important tasks to go and turn on lights all over the place.

However, if an AI is searching near an extinguished light (more precisely, near the place where the light can be re-enabled - for a flaming torch, this would be the torch itself, but for an electric light, it would be the light switch controlling it), then the AI should turn it on in passing, as this might help it.
Additional InformationSome thought needs to be given to torch-carrying AIs. If searching AIs always re-light nearby torches, then it will be impossible for the player to extinguish carried torches. Do we want this, or not? Should there at least be a timer before carried torches are re-lit?
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06.05.2011 23:19

administrator   ~0003836

Relighting lights is back with the fix for 0002603.

However, pausing a search to relight a doused light that might help with the search has not been addressed yet.

And we've decided to have AI drop their torch when it goes out. They will revert to a new tinderbox animation to relight flames from that point on.


24.05.2011 15:15

administrator   ~0003858

With the latest round of 0002603 fixes, AI will occasionally relight lights while searching. They don't go out of their way to do this, though, and I believe that's acceptable.

I'm going to close this as resolved.

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