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0005415DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic17.11.2020 04:28
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Product Version2.8.0 
Summary0005415: Clipper tool: Resulting faces have an unpredictable scale
DescriptionWhen using the clipper tool to cut brushes, the faces generated in between those cuts are assigned an unpredictable scale instead of the default one. This happens even if the cuts are straight lines (no diagonal edges / faces) and all textures existing on the brush have the same scale.
Steps To ReproduceFirst of all, in Preferences - Settings - Primitives ensure your default texture scale is set to a good value, in my case it's 0.25. Also check that in Preferences - Settings - Clipper you have the clipper tool uses caulk texture checkbox on.

Draw a bunch of brushes on your map, leave the default Caulk texture on them... if you select any face you should see that the texture scale is indeed 0.25. Now use the Clipper tool to cut different brushes in various directions. If you look in between them and select the faces resulting from those cuts, you should find that some of them have a different scale. In my case that almost always seems to be 1.00, however I've had cases where it was set to some other in-between number with a lot of decimals.
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