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0005467DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic27.12.2020 06:25
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Summary0005467: Descriptions for prefabs without worldspawn
DescriptionCurrently, adding a description to a prefab requires setting an "editor_usage" spawnarg on a piece of worldspawn that's part of the prefab. This means it's not possible to give descriptions to prefabs that have no worldspawn. Some authors get around this by putting a small worldspawn cube into the prefab.

The "editor_usage" method can get quite inconvenient if exporting various prefabs that should have various descriptions, since the map can only hold one description at a time.

I was thinking a comfortable method to enter a description would be that a dialog opens when exporting a prefab. If overwriting an existing prefab, the dialog could already be filled with the existing description. Maybe have a menu option to toggle this dialog off.
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