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0005549The Dark ModCodingpublic25.01.2022 09:47
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Target VersionTDM 2.10Fixed in VersionTDM 2.10 
Summary0005549: Add Secrets System
DescriptionSecrets are easter eggs of some kind, such as a well-hidden or hard to reach piece of loot, switch or location.

Kingsal has proposed adding official support for tracking secrets so that mappers no longer need to script this for themselves and so that it shows up on the statistics screen at the end of a mission. This should help secrets become a more common feature in TDM.

The system needs to provide a script-free means for a mapper to designate secrets, a way of "finding" a secret (frob, trigger) and a way of letting the player know that he has found a secret. There should also be new script events that allow a mapper to script with secrets, even making his own system (now with purpose-made scripts events). For reference, Thief simply shows a short message and plays a sound when a secret is found.

Since there have already been ca. 150 missions released that won't make use of this system, the secrets statistic should only shown at the end of a mission if secrets have been designated in the map.
Additional InformationThe dev thread is found here:

A prototype built solely on scripts was posted here:

A more advanced build integrated with the mission statistics code can be downloaded via the tdm_installer from this URL, built on release209:

Wiki article:
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27.02.2021 13:12

developer   ~0013736

Rev 9152
Rev 16190 - 16192
Add official support for tracking secrets.
Setup and customisation via spawnargs or entities.
Statistic added to end of mission screen - only if secretsTotal > 0.
Script events for getting/setting secret statistics.

Mostly cosmetic changes (sound, GUI) planned from here on.


27.02.2021 15:45

developer   ~0013738



21.12.2021 15:08

developer   ~0014604

Sounds and GUI are acceptable already. Setting to resolved, but can always take on feedback.


03.01.2022 19:39

developer   ~0014638

Rev 16425
Add custom GUI message for secrets (parchment-free) provided by kingsal.

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