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0005688The Dark ModAIpublic30.07.2021 12:09
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Product VersionTDM 2.09 
Summary0005688: Sitting AI gets stuck standing in table when alerted
DescriptionIn my FM One Step Too Far, there's a hostile AI sitting at a table. When you climb onto the table from his left side, he'll become alerted but often stand up in such a way that his legs are stuck inside the table. He can't move, so he can't chase you nor ever return to sitting at his table.
Steps To ReproduceI've attached my local version of the .pk4 (update in progress) containing a quicksave where the procedure described above happens 100% of the time:
Additional InformationIn TDM, getting an AI to sit down works as follows:
1) Walk up to the chair.
2) Turn around so his back faces the chair.
3) Play the sitting down animation, in which the AI places his buttocks on the chair behind him.
4) If necessary, spin around while sitting on the chair so the AI faces in the correct direction. This is often necessary for desks or other places where the chair can only be approached from one direction.

When an AI stands up, he has to carry out these steps in the reverse direction.
The problem in this ticket is that the AI skips step 4, so the AI immediately plays the sitting up animation even though he's still facing in the wrong direction. This results in him getting stuck in the desk he was sitting at.
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30.07.2021 12:02


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5688.jpg (157,520 bytes)   


30.07.2021 12:09

developer   ~0014215

In the attached updated version of the .pk4, the AI has plenty of space surrounded by clean monsterclipping, and his path node for sitting down is a safe 16 units away from the nearest monsterclip wall.
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