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0005763The Dark ModCodingpublic25.09.2021 04:21
Reporterstgatilov Assigned Tostgatilov  
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Product VersionTDM 2.09 
Summary0005763: Reproducible and deterministic gameplay
DescriptionI wonder if it is possible to make game fully deterministic depending on starting randseed and user input.
This would allow us to reproduce gameplay bugs recorded on player's machine.

The main goal is to make CMD demo replay exactly the same way as it was recorded.
Making it reproducible across machines and platforms is stretch goal of course.
Right now major differences in player positions quickly lead to missing platforms and crates, so CMD demo becomes useless.

There is much cleaning to do, and much stuff to research...
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25.09.2021 04:21

administrator   ~0014369

Committed some random generation fixes I collected in the past:
  r9597. idPhysics_Player::ShoulderingMove: use gameplay random to determine sound duration.
  r9598. Use gameplay random for choosing click sounds on lockpick.
  r9599. Use gameplay random for load screen random value.
  r9600. Use gameplay random to seed SEED.
  r9601. Do not generate several random values during function parameters evaluation.
  r9602. When producing rotation hack warning, use idRandom with time-based seed.

As far as I remember, CMD demos were still not deterministic.

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