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0005871DarkRadiantSelection Systempublic02.04.2022 11:47
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Product Version2.14.0 
Summary0005871: 4 minor problems manipulating an entity composed of primitives
DescriptionFor an func_static composed of multiple brushes
1) Deleting one brush with Backspace results in wrong origin
2) Subsequent undo has group cycle problems
3) With fresh start, duplicating one brush with Space briefly has group cycle problem
4) Subsequent origin of entity in wrong place
Steps To ReproduceHere I am calling the xyz widget without arrow heads the “offset-origin”.
Create 2 brush cubes
Select both, RMB, “Convert to func_static”
Tab to select one of the cubes
Delete it with Backspace
In the 2D map view, the offset-origin is now in the wrong place BUG 1
Do undo (Ctrl-Z), restoring 2nd cube. Now tab to cycle. Behaves oddly. BUG 2
Start again
Create 2 brush cubes
Select both, RMB, “Convert to func_static”
Tab to select one of the cubes
Hit space to duplicate it. Move the new cube to separate place
New cube, while correctly part of entity, does not immediately work with tab cycle BUG 3
So Escape, then reselect entity. Tab cycle now works.
But when whole entity selected, offset-origin appears, in wrong place BUG 4
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02.04.2022 11:47

administrator   ~0014790

Settings this to acknowledged. Just to put it out there, I must admit that I have a hard time with package-deal-issues like this, from both the motivational and organisational perspective. In order to be able to set this to resolved, I have to fix 4 issues instead of one, that's probably part of the reason this is has been sitting around for so long. Since the bugtracker is also the source of the changelog, I'll have to go through this and split it up into separate issues. No hard feelings from my side, I just intended to explain my perspective. On a more positive note, you did a good job on capturing the reproduction steps (which is something that is not to be taken for granted too!), so thanks for that.

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