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0005975The Dark ModGUIpublic13.06.2022 21:02
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Product VersionTDM 2.10 
Summary0005975: cvar given wrong intial value. Obsolete?
DescriptionThe value in darkmod.cfg for a new install:

seta gui_centerX "0"

is wrong. It should be:

seta gui_centerX "0.5"

just like gui_centery. But the fact that it caused no problem suggests it's useless. See below.

Additional InformationThis cvar (and other gui_... cvars) are read by idGameLocal::UpdateGUIScaling(...), which is called a number of places. This function uses the cvar values to calculate and store these gui state variables: floats LEFT, CENTERX, TOP, CENTERY, WIDTH, HEIGHT, SCALE.

I'm guessing no one (in .cpp or .gui or .script) ever uses these state variables, so calculated bad values were never detected. Maybe instead of fix up for gui_centerx's initial value, drop these cvars, then?

Tels initial/partial implementation of these cvars: track 2703
Said to be superceded in TDM 2.06: track 4393
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