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0000602DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic17.03.2008 15:08
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Product Version0.9.5 
Summary0000602: Create decal patches for non-rectangular surfaces
DescriptionI recently started using the decal patch functionality (great feature BTW) and noticed that it only works for rectangular faces. This of course is to be expected since patches are built that way. What I'm wondering is, can the least available rectangular space be used, for the case of non-rectangular surfaces? So for example for a nearly round surface, the resulting edges would be some fraction of the circle diameter, etc.

If that's too complex or unpredictable, an even simpler way would be just to use some default size, perhaps 64X64, for all non-rectangular surfaces. Sure, it doesn't fit perfectly, but at least they're given something to start work with, from a single click. The most time consuming part of creating a decal is making a brush/patch, then adjusting it to be coplanar, and then finally you can start working with it. This way, those steps are taken care of as they are for rectangular surfaces, and the user only need resize it to fit their non-rectangular surface, and get back to work. :)

It's safe to assume that even for rectangular surfaces, the user almost always does some XY size adjustment anyway, so this result would be no different, and the added functionality would be welcome.
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