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0006060The Dark ModModelspublic06.08.2022 14:12
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Product VersionTDM 2.10 
Summary0006060: Lever entity in wall_lever01.pfb prefab has gigantic frob box
DescriptionThe lever model in the wall_lever01.pfb has a huge frob box (frobbox_size = 25). It becomes a problem if the mapper makes the lever temporarily non-frobable and the lever is on a wall with a playable area on the other side. For some reason, making an entity with a frob box non-frobable makes the frob box become solid and this will block the player.

So there are 2 issues here:

1. The frob box for this prefab should be reduced, or removed altogether as it works fine without it.
2. Frob boxes becoming solid when the entity is non-frobable ('frobable', '0')

I would suggest the first issue is dealt with in this ticket. If the second issue is deemed a bug, another issue should maybe be created as I don't know if this is intended behaviour or not. Obsttorte seemed to think it wasn't:
Steps To Reproduce1. Add the wall_lever01.pfb prefab to a map.
2. Ungroup the prefab and set 'frobable' to '0' on the lever portion (atdm:switch_rotate_lever entity)
3. approach the lever and observe the player is blocked by a large invisible entity.

You can view the frob box using 'g_showCollisionModels 1'
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06.08.2022 14:12 Frost_Salamander Summary Lever model in wall_lever01.pfb prefab has gigantic frob box => Lever entity in wall_lever01.pfb prefab has gigantic frob box