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0006153DarkRadiantGeneralpublic19.11.2022 13:15
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version11
Product Version3.5.0 
Summary0006153: Feature Request: 'Add to Group' and/or 'Merge Groups' command
Description2 similar use cases, but could perhaps be combined into one command (preferably in the mouse right-click context menu):

1. when selecting one or more groups that may or may not contain nested groups, a command that would merge all objects into a single group.
2. when selecting a group and another object (or objects) that isn't part of the group, a command that would add the lone objects into the group.

I guess for option 2 we would need to consider what to do if the target group contained nested groups. Maybe the new option(s) could be greyed out? Then you could just group them as normal. Discussion required perhaps.
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18.11.2022 05:56

administrator   ~0015445

I've been thinking about this, but I mostly came to the conclusion that a simple Ungroup+Group command sequence would achieve the effect. So, the question is: are there situations where the command sequence "Ungroup Selected" + "Group Selected" will NOT achieve the desired result? I figure most of the time you want to replace the "most recently" created group with a new one, which is what Ctrl-Shift-U+Ctrl-Shift-G should do?


18.11.2022 19:23

reporter   ~0015448

I could be talked out of it I think. The recent focus groups functionality goes a long way towards making working with groups much easier, so I feel less need to ungroup/regroup things now than I did before. It allows you to basically ungroup everything (even nested groups), work on something and then leave it. I don't think I had fully realised how handy focus groups were going to be when I raised this feature request.

I still think it would useful and if it were implemented I would use it just because it combines the two ungroup/group commands into one, but if nobody else is gagging for it then feel free to drop it :-)


18.11.2022 19:55

administrator   ~0015449

It'd also be possible to add a shortcut to Ungroup+Group, you can type that into the console

bind "CombineGroups" "UngroupSelected;GroupSelected"

Then you should be able to assign a shortcut to "CombineGroups".


19.11.2022 13:15

developer   ~0015455

Why not add that sequence as a proper button next to group & ungroup? I've always found the "Merge entities" command quite useful already just for saving clicks, which add up in the long run.

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