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0006205DarkRadiantGUIpublic01.02.2023 20:19
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Product Version3.7.0 
Summary0006205: Media browser preview ignores "scale" keyword
DescriptionThe media browser preview seems to show exactly 1 tile of a texture regardless of whether the material contains the "scale" keyword. This makes it difficult to determine at a glance whether one is using a rescaled version of a material.

Example: textures/particles/tdm_leaves_01_autumn with scale 2,2
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01.02.2023 20:19

developer   ~0015924

Do you mean the little square texture image at the bottom of the Media tab, next to the shader information table? This is by design. It shows a single copy of the texture scaled to fit the widget. There is no practical way to make it show texture transformations since this would either result in small textures not filling the window (making them difficult to see), or large textures being larger than the window and therefore cropped. Also the widget is showing the editor preview image which cannot have a scale applied, whereas the "scale" keyword is applied to individual material stages, and it's not obvious that picking a particular stage (e.g. diffusemap) and applying its scale to the qer_editorimage would be correct for all materials.

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