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0006220DarkRadiantGeneralpublic09.01.2023 15:54
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Product Version3.7.0 
Summary0006220: Readable Editor always duplicates entries if you rename the XData path
DescriptionWhen renaming a readable definition in the Readable Editor, a copy of the old definition is created instead of moving the old one. This leads to clutter that needs to be fixed manually in a text editor if the mapper wants such duplication removed. It would be appreciated if a way to properly rename readable paths was supported.
Steps To Reproduce1. Add and select a readable entity on the map, such as atdm:readable_immobile_paper01.
2. Open the Readable Editor and type something, then under XData Name save it under an unique name like readables/myfm/note_foo.
3. Click the Save and Close button to store any changes.
4. Open the Readable Editor again and under XData Name rename your entry to something else like readables/myfm/note_bar.
5. Save and Close once more.

Issue: If you open darkmod/fms/myfm/xdata/myfm.xd you will find that both readables/myfm/note_foo and readables/myfm/note_bar exist and duplicate the same text body, instead of the first being completely renamed into the second.
Additional InformationAn issue I can see is that a readable definition might be used by multiple entities on the map, so when renaming we must ensure every entity with the same xdata_contents is changed to point to the new path. Just in case a prompt might be desired if a rename of the XData path is detected, asking whether you want to copy or move the definition and warn that if any other maps use it they'll need to be pointed to the new name manually.
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