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0006221DarkRadiantGUIpublic16.01.2023 19:14
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Product Version3.7.0 
Summary0006221: Ability to export modified entity to a custom def
DescriptionWhen using the Entity menu (n key by default), it would make sense to have a button to export the selected entity to a custom def. This would make it easier to create a common customized ent you can instance multiple times on your map, without needing to manually do so in a text editor.

A practical example: You want to have a custom city watch used multiple times. First you add an atdm:ai_citywatch to the map. Then set custom stuff like skin, def_head, def_vocal_set, etc. There would now be a button labeled Export, which when clicked prompts you for a file name and custom entity name. This will create or override the entity atdm:my_citywatch in file def/my_file.def for instance, creating an entity which starts with "inherit atdm:ai_citywatch" followed by all custom spawnargs set by the mapper.

The reverse should also be allowed with an Import button: When used on the selected entity, its "classname" is transformed into its "inherit" and other spawnargs are copied backwards to reproduce the defined entity on the map. This would make it overall easier to edit any definition and quickly create your own versions locally.
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09.01.2023 18:52

reporter   ~0015737

when you click a property in the entity tab, a 'show definition' button appears. Pressing that gives you a definition you can then copy/paste into an editor. Would that be enough?


10.01.2023 00:36

reporter   ~0015739

I use the Show Definition button a lot, it's definitely extremely helpful. In this case I'm suggesting a different feature that would work alongside it: The ability to use the entity editor GUI to save entities in a custom def, instead of having to manually use a text editor for the task. Using an editor isn't that difficult but when you want to do everything from DR and its GUI and visualize it I think such a simple thing would makes sense to have.


16.01.2023 19:14

reporter   ~0015790

I just realised I misinterpreted what 'show definition' does. I think I must have clicked a property that was in fact another entity (e.g. classname), because it shows the definition of whatever the property value is that you've clicked, not the entity you are viewing. Then if you add/override properties they don't get shown.

So yeah, an 'export' option would be really useful here. I would use it all the time, starting with the AI entities...

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