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0006240The Dark ModGUIpublic14.02.2023 16:42
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Summary0006240: Create non-story "speech" English subtitle files for stock AI characters
DescriptionWith the 2.10/2.11 subtitle methodology, create tdm_*.sub files for all characters, in a TDM 2.12 timeframe.
Additional InformationVocal scripts are already available for most characters, that could be used to help create draft "inline" subtitles decl for phrases. Longer phrases would need refinement with "srt".
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23.01.2023 16:36

reporter   ~0015860

Is anyone already working on this, or planning to? If so, I'm willing to help. If not, you can assign this to me.


23.01.2023 16:54

developer   ~0015863

Please proceed.

You aren't currently listed as a developer so I cannot assign the ticket to you but I can log your submission and review it.

Taaaki or Greebo are the ones who could grant you ticket ownership


23.01.2023 21:08

reporter   ~0015867

Thanks. Submit & review would probably be fine. I'll be starting with a .subs file for The Thug character.

I think I understand how to prep a .subs file. How I would comprehensively test all its phrases is less clear. Maybe I need to create another ticket for DR, to show a selected soundfile's subtitle (using the specified TDM path). Unless there's some existing tool or method you know of.


24.01.2023 02:18

developer   ~0015872

I am unsure how to test all the subtitles. Probably needs a test map with a script to provoke each bark?


24.01.2023 16:36

reporter   ~0015876

That's OK, I'll research it. The Thug, as a representative character, has over 400 sound files, so clearly making this process easy is important. Maybe the script can express sounds as the player rather than the AI. If I can avoid manually looking up the names of a 100+ existing soundshaders, that would be great.

I'll also work up a suitable DR subtitles request.


24.01.2023 17:29

developer   ~0015878

Thanks for taking this up.

I think the most economical approach would be to obtain a list of all .ogg files in the voices sound folder (i.e. via a command line tool), convert that list into a series of new, single-sound soundshaders (i.e. via Excel, I can assist with this) (can't really use existing soundshaders because they often randomly pick from several .ogg's), also convert that list into a series of spawnargs (i.e. "snd_test173" "test_thug_alert_to_idle", where the latter is the name of the test soundshader) and paste those into an entity in a .map file.

A script can systematically look up those sound spawnargs and play their sounds. You can find a working example of such a script in the that I uploaded to the A New Job subtitles ticket.


03.02.2023 22:38

reporter   ~0015925

I pursued a similar approach, but using a standardized soundshader naming with embedded index, so didn't need to involve spawnargs. See more about the resulting test FM at:

As for making the AI-specific file from a directory dump, there are various ways to generate the incrementing line numbers needed, and combine them with the .ogg directory dump. Your idea to use Excel sounds promising in a Windows context. (Otherwise, Linux command tools, or - going the fully automatic route - a small C++ program.)

This is my current file format (subject to change), showing here the first few voice samples from TDM's .ogg dump (with alphabetic ordering from Windows "dir /b" > dump.txt").

--- start of file "fm_ai_thug_shaders.sndshd"
// enumerate starting with zero; special sound for start of list, used with all AI voice samples. It shows subtitle: [start of subtitles list being tested]
fm_ai_thug_shader0 { sound/subtitle_list_start_hit_high01.ogg }
fm_ai_thug_shader1 { sound/voices/thug/alarm01.ogg }
fm_ai_thug_shader2 { sound/voices/thug/alarm02.ogg }
fm_ai_thug_shader3 { sound/voices/thug/bugger01.ogg }
fm_ai_thug_shader4 { sound/voices/thug/get_over_here.ogg }
fm_ai_thug_shader5 { sound/voices/thug/give_order01.ogg }
fm_ai_thug_shader6 { sound/voices/thug/give_order02.ogg }
fm_ai_thug_shader7 { sound/voices/thug/give_order03.ogg }
fm_ai_thug_shader8 { sound/voices/thug/help_search01.ogg }
--- end of file

If you'd like to work out an Excel recipe for getting that results for the repetitive part (starting with "1" for the first .ogg file), that would be appreciated.

I noticed that the "alphabetic" order created by "dir /b" is different than what win11 shows in File Explorer, regarding ordering of underlines. Code-point versus "natural" alphabetizing?

I haven't decided yet whether it's a good or bad idea to use character specific names for the shaders (fm_ai_thug_shader<n>) as opposed to generic (fm_subtitle_test_shader<n>). But easy to change this, since they are just fixed prefix strings.


14.02.2023 16:42

reporter   ~0015941

nbohr1more, please log and review this submission of subtitles for The Thug vocals. It is embedded in the FM "testSubtitlesThug":

Minor changes you can make directly (and let me know); if there's a need for sweeping changes, we can discuss.

After review/revise, I will leave it to you to extract the subtitle list into its destination .subs file, rename things from "fm_..." to "tdm_..." and place it where you see fit.
There are no srt files involved for The Thug, and the special .ogg file is only used for the test program,.

This link is also being posted on the "English Subtitles for AI Barks" forum.

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