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0000625The Dark ModDesign/Codingpublic09.10.2017 02:26
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Summary0000625: Under water, ladders "suck you in" to them from too far away
DescriptionAbove water you have to walk pretty much right up to a ladder surface in order to start climbing, but underwater the ladder will suck you in to it from too far away, making it too difficult to swim near ladders if you don't want to climb them.
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08.04.2008 21:20

updater   ~0001129

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I also discovered that it does the exact same thing above water if you are in the air (as in a jump). Since the player is essentially "floating" underwater, it acts the same.

Apparantly this is to help you attach to a ladder, especially when you want to climb down. If you back off a ledge with a ladder there, you will start falling down a few units away from the ladder, so there needed to be something to suck you back in to the ladder or you would often just fall down all the way.

I agree with this but I think the distance is too large, and should be cut in about half or so. Hopefully it's just another setting like the pm_climb_distance!



08.10.2017 18:56

developer   ~0009425

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Proposed fix, physics_player.cpp

float tracedist;
    if ( walking || ( waterLevel > WATERLEVEL_WAIST ) )
        // don't want to get sucked towards the ladder when still walking, swimming, or when climbing
        tracedist = 1.0f;
        tracedist = 48.0f;



09.10.2017 02:25

developer   ~0009428

Rev 7224

Tested on: Volta and the Stone (canal).

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