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0006252DarkRadiantSound Systempublic03.02.2023 23:28
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Summary0006252: New feature: "Choose Sound" includes subtitles
DescriptionNow that work is underway to associate subtitles with TDM and FM sound files, a start can be made to do likewise in DR. A reasonable short-term approach is just to be able to see the subtitles at sound-selection time. What follows is one design.

When viewing ogg files, it is proposed to add 2 additional columns, to the right of "Sound Files" and "Duration":

"Type" which would be either "Story", "Speech", "Effects", or blank if no subtitle
"Subtitle", which would have text content if available.

Furthermore, it would now be possible for an .ogg file to be on more than one table row to better represent the subtitle. Subsequent rows for a particular ogg file would have blanks in all but the Subtitle column.

Multiple lines would be used in the following cases:
- the subtitle author embedded "\n" as a line break
- the subtitle exceeded approximately 90 characters on a line; this is when the gui would wrap to another line, at a word break. DR would do likewise, but with no guarantee the break is in exactly the same space. (This also can help deal with practical dialog box field-width constraints.)
- the srt (rather than inline) style is used, for longer passages with timed phrases appearing. Separate phrases would then be placed on separate dialog table lines
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