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0006258The Dark ModGraphicspublic16.02.2023 05:46
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Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0006258: Proxy models (_roth_gen) are not generated on saved game load
DescriptionIf the player has not first started the mission with "Start this mission" and instead loads a saved game,
they will see black cubes for models that require a proxy model (models/_roth_gen).

As a workaround, the player must first quit the game, launch the game, and "Start this mission."
After the mission starts, the player can load their saved game and not see black cubes.

Should there be a check on saved game load or would that slow down loading?
Steps To Reproduce1. Launch game.
2. Play "William Steele 1: In the North".
3. setviewpos -1514.65 3320.1 -617.75 20 0 0
4. Save game.
5. Exit game.
6. Delete "./models/_roth_gen"
7. Launch game.
8. Load saved game. (./models/_roth_gen not generated)
9. See cubes.

Workaround fix:
1. Exit game.
2. Launch game.
3. "Start this mission" (This generates ./models/_roth_gen)
4. Load saved game.
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