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0006263DarkRadiantGeneralpublic26.02.2023 19:17
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version11
Product Version3.8.0 
Summary0006263: Feature request: Animation selector for path_anim entities
DescriptionCould we have an animation selection workflow for the 'anim' spawnarg on path_anim entities? I could see it working the same as for sound shaders for example.

1. Mapper adds path_anim to map.
2. Mapper adds 'anim' spawnarg in the 'entity' tab
3. Once the spawnarg exists, selecting it would make a 'Choose animation' button appear.
4. Clicking the 'Choose animation' button would cause the MD5 Animation Viewer to appear.
5. Once an animation is chosen, a 'select' button should become enabled on the MD5 Animation Viewer popup next to the 'Close' button.
6. The chose animation would populate the 'anim' spawnarg

The only slightly annoying thing is step 2. The 'anim' spawnarg doesn't seem to be an default property on path_anim so it isn't there by default.
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