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0006266The Dark ModObjectivespublic05.03.2023 07:04
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Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0006266: Objectives invoked by "O" key only access first 5 objectives
DescriptionThat is, only the first page of objectives is viewable. This is unlike the case with Objectives reached through the main menu, which works fine.

The immediate problem is that the mouse cursor is not present, so the down-arrow cannot be clicked to go to the next page. (If there's some way to go to the next Objectives page using just keys, I didn't stumble upon it.)
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03.03.2023 19:16

developer   ~0015961

The Objectives Overlay ( O ) is navigated via Scroll Wheel.

Does that not work in your TDM install?


05.03.2023 00:19

reporter   ~0015962

Oh, probably it does. I just didn't think of that. No doubt because a previous mouse had such a crappy scroll wheel that I avoid using that whenever possible.

I did try arrow up/arrow down, PageUp/PageDown. There's no visual hint (scrollbar) that the page is scrollable, or more precisely, scrollwheel only. I guess if you're are used to reaching for the scrollwheel first, you don't realize this is a problem for scrollwheel-last folks.


05.03.2023 00:38

reporter   ~0015963

See what I did there, tried to make you the problem, instead of me.


05.03.2023 07:04

developer   ~0015964

Yeah, I wonder if there is an easy way to offer alternate navigation on this thing.

I think it was added ad-hoc well after the main-menu Objective screen was established.

Honestly, I would want the main-menu objectives screen to be scroll-able too though.

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