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0006295The Dark ModAIpublic26.05.2023 20:09
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Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0006295: Allow scary AI to intimidate enemies, making them flee instead of attacking
DescriptionI asked about this feature recently and was told it doesn't exist by default: Given it's (hopefully) something simple to support I figured it would be worth suggesting.

It would be great if AI can have a toughness value marking how intimidating they are: If an enemy AI with lower or equal toughness sees such an opponent, it will be too scared to attack and flee instead of picking a battle. The player should probably have a value of 0 by default so AI always attack unless you set their bravery to a negative value. DarkRadiant should include a field in the AI tab for this spawnarg.

Example: You have a city watch guard, a thief, and a skeleton... all are set as enemies to each other. If the guard and thief see one another, they will start fighting... but if either see the skeleton, they'll be so scared they flee as if unarmed instead of starting any fights. This would be useful in a scenario where the phenomenon of undead isn't widely known and exists as a rare paranormal occurrence, ordinary people seeing that would be so shocked they'll just run screaming possibly dropping their weapon in the process.

Someone suggested that as a workaround, you could use "fake guards" that have no combat set and act as civilians... problem is such a guard would be scared of any enemy if challenged including the player, we want only specific opponents to make them too scared of attacking. And of course if you make guards and undead neutral to each other, there will be no reaction at all when you want the guard to panic and flee.
Additional InformationI wonder if the existing 'rank' spawnarg could be used for this. At the moment its description reads:

"Monsters only fight back when attacked by members of it's own team when its rank is greater than or equal to the attacker's rank. A rank of 0 will never fight back."

Maybe we can have a boolean spawnarg specifying whether rank counts for enemies as well: When enabled AI will be too scared to fight enemies of a higher rank.
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