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0006308The Dark ModGUIpublic16.07.2023 10:48
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Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0006308: onTime in GUIs is slow if Uncapped FPS is off
DescriptionThis is most noticeable in 'timed briefing' style GUIs that also have a voiceover but after a while the displayed output lags behind the vocals.
You can also tell this is happening at the end of the briefing because it lingers unusually long after the end of the vocals before switching to the objectives screen.
Steps To ReproduceIn the briefing for 'A New Job' after about 30 seconds, Corbin says the line "Luckily I'm quite good at what I do". The correct behaviour should be that the word 'luckily' should be uttered at the same time as the goblet fades out from under the guards nose. With uncapped FPS off the 'luckily' ends just before the fadeout.
If you switch the 'uncapped FPS' option then you can compare the behaviours.

I've just realised that the briefing for the recently updated 'Sneak and Destroy' FM shows this even clearer. The briefing text, which should exactly match the voiceover, falls increasingly behind the latter.
Additional InformationThis is similar to bug 5575 but I'm not sure the root cause is the same as that refers to in game videos.

I think that the root cause for this one lies in Window.cpp and how the timeLine variable is updated and tested. This variable is used by the onTime facility to work out when to trigger, however it is set by calling gui->getTime() which is set from the global variable com_frameTime which I believe advances 4 percent slower when uncapped FPS is off.
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