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0006334The Dark ModPhysicspublic11.11.2023 14:55
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Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0006334: Lights extinguish on map start if below water level of merged water entity
DescriptionIf an extinguishable light entity (e.g. a torch or oil lamp) is surrounded by a merged water entity and below the water level, it will extinguish when the map starts.

By 'merged water entity' I mean a number of water entities that have been merged into a single entity using DarkRadiant.

Note, the light entity in question is NOT submerged in the water, it is in a different 'room' next to the water. A common mapping scenario is a basement in a building or tower that sits in a river or moat.

If the water is made of up separate entities, the problem does not occur and this is the workaround.

This was a difficult issue to troubleshoot, and it was only after I put together the test map and was writing this bug report did the idea occur to me that it might be the merged entities. Point being it's not an obvious workaround and could cause a lot of frustration for a mapper if they stumbled upon this.
Steps To ReproduceSee linked test maps. is using merged water entities, and you can see the 2 torches below the water level extinguish on map start. The torches above the water line stay lit. is using separate water entities, and all the torches stay lit.

The attached screenshot shows the 2 torches below the water line that are extinguished. The arrow is pointing to the water line.
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11.11.2023 14:55

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