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0006354The Dark ModGraphicspublic20.04.2024 13:24
Reporterstgatilov Assigned Tostgatilov  
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Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Target VersionTDM 2.13 
Summary0006354: Envmap stage works very differently with bumpmap and without
DescriptionHaving bumpmap (even just _flat) selects different shader, which has several major differences.
Moreover, bumpmapped version cannot be tuned up/down by color spawnargs.

Given how long this issue has been around, it might be hard to change now.
But I think it is worth trying...
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related to 0006340 resolvedstgatilov Discourage output color depending on input alpha due to gl_dst_alpha 




11.04.2024 21:08

administrator   ~0016637

In the end, I simply decided to use the very same parameters for bumpmapped mode as are already used for non-bumpmapped one:
 1) RGBA color speciified in material is applied
 2) fresnel math is removed (visual difference is negligible anyway)
 3) tonemapping is disabled

Committed this:
  r10704 Added a mode where environment mapping stage on bumpmapped surface acts like a on a non-bumpmapped surface.

But it is not yet enabled.
It is controlled by r_envmapBumpyBehavior cvar.
Setting to 1 switches to the new behavior.

Added an announcement regarding breaking changes:

The main problem is about color, since previously it was hardcoded to 0.4, and now whatever values was set will apply.
Here is the script which is going to fix this on all core assets and missions:
  r17018 Added a script to replace rgba colors with 0.4 on all environment map stages with bumpmap.


20.04.2024 13:24

administrator   ~0016658

Enabled new behavior by default:
  r10719 Set r_envmapBumpyBehavior to 1 (i.e. new behavior).

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