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0006412The Dark ModModelspublic12.02.2024 00:00
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PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version11 Bullseye
Summary0006412: It is possible to mantle and stand on end tip of hanging rope
In A New Job near the first large light pole (-96.58 -419.68 116.24 76.8 -98.3 0.0), it is possible to mantle, and stand on, end tip of hanging rope.
Reproduced on TDM 2.12/64 #10584 (beta212-01).

It is also possible to jump up on the end tip of the rope in A New Job below the room north east of Royston Court (1533.64 -1775.66 188.25 33.7 87.5 0.0). It is probably the same model with the same issue.
Reproduced in TDM 2.12/64 #10623 (beta212-0

Also the rope in Tears of St. Lucia at (1645.4 1840.22 -54.04 21.1 -55.8 0.0)
Reproduced in TDM 2.12/64 #10625 (beta212-04).
Additional Information1)
* Look at the end tip and mantle it
* Player is standing on the end tip of the rope (unexpected)

* From the bundle on top of the two barrels, jump onto the end tip and stop on in (not trivial)
* Player is standing on the end tip of the rope (unexpected)
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