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0006432The Dark ModAIpublic11.02.2024 05:00
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PlatformLinuxOSManjaroOS VersionStable
Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0006432: Guards deal damage before their attack animation, can cause instant proximity damage without any vocal / animated attack
DescriptionWhen walking close to an alert AI, you may find yourself suddenly hit by an attack that comes out of nowhere, as if the AI attacked except they're still searching or yet to react even if they saw you. There's never an attack animation or vocals, although the hit appears to be related to the alerted AI as if being near you causes an instant invisible attack from them.

This might be part of an old ongoing issue: Since long ago I've seen cases where the AI prepares to swing but you'd seem to take damage before the sword goes across, also if you catch an archer by surprise you'll sometimes see an arrow fly out of them toward you before they even finish putting it in the bow and drawing. This time however it happened without the AI even attacking at all as far as the player can tell.
Additional InformationAttached a quick OBS capture from me experiencing this The Lieutenant 2: High Expectations with a guard I damaged: When the damage guard sees me, I get struck by an invisible force before the guard flees. I'm on latest TDM dev version dev16854-10518.
Tagsmelee, realism
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