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0006448The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic12.02.2024 20:10
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Summary0006448: Analogue lean
DescriptionThe current default is that the shoulder buttons are mapped to lean (left and right), and when pressing both, the player avatar leans forward. The control is digital and when used, the player leans maximum. It is not possible to control the degree of leaning.

* Allow for it to be set in DarkmodPadbinds.cfg so that MODIFIER+right_stick leans player left, right, and forward.
* Make the degree and speed of leaning be controlled by the analogue stick.
* Set "stick _close_ to 0 for both x and y" to mean unlean. This to avoid the player unknowingly leaning slightly in the case the gamepad is not perfectly calibrated.
* (possibly optional, but see cons below) Implement "stick player avatar at current lean degree", similar to a "Toggle lean": e.g. MODIFIER+right_stick is used and player releases MODIFIER then leaning freezes at current degree until player uses MODIFIER+right_stick to anything else than than "stick closer to 0 than current lean" for x or "stick close to 0" for y.
* It could be implemented for keyboard by one or more of:
** If a MODIFIER key can be set on a keyboard then a player using keyboard could use MODIFIER+mouse to use analogue lean.
** Mapping a pointing stick (aka trackpoint) to analogue lean

* It gives the player more control of the leaning degree and speed
* It moves the lean-move to one of the sticks (which is intuitive since both sticks are already used for moving the player)
* More effective use of gamepads with analogue triggers: it frees up the shoulder buttons which can then be used for MODIFIER (left), and "_frob"; both are digital functions but in current default they occupy analogue triggers. When the analogue triggers are freed up they can be used for creep-walk-run (left trigger) and quickly cycle items in an inventory group (right trigger), as mentioned as a possibility in 0006402.
* If implemented wisely, it would also be possible for a user to map the analogue triggers to the functions analogue lean, if they prefer that over MODIFIER+right_stick. They can then access the leaning without the MODIFIER button.

* As long as the MODIFIER button is pressed, the player will not be able to access any functions requiring the MODIFIER button to be unpressed:
** The most difficult case may be that the player cannot turn while leaning, only walk, this because player must release MODIFIER and unlean first to free up right stick to turn.
** Other critical cases ("_attack" for attack, shoot arrow, and throw) could likely be prevented by clever mapping; either avoiding using MODIFIER with those buttons, or adding that function to another (under the circumstances more accessible) button which requires MODIFIER to be pressed.
** A possible solution these cases is to implement "stick player avatar at current lean degree", similar to a "Toggle lean" (see proposal).
Additional InformationCurrent default (TDM 2.11):

About the gamepad support on Github:
"Left and right sticks are hardwired [...] left is movement, right is camera control"
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related to 0006402 new Improve use of analogue triggers on gamepads 


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