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0006465The Dark ModCodingpublic07.05.2024 19:32
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PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version11 Bullseye
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Summary0006465: Frobbable objects competing over higlighting space
DescriptionIn Tears of St. Lucia, in the Priest's room (-2412.59 815.85 12.38 11.6 -91.5 0.0) when looking right at the lever or even slightly below its center, it is not highlighted. This happens if the spare key on the shelf above is still there, and therefore the key will be highlighted instead. To highlight the lever, player must point below the lever.

Reproduced in TDM 2.12/64 #10625 (beta212-04).

Proposed solution:
* When two objects compete over the highlighting space (and frobable space) then put the separating plane in the middle between the center of each object.
Steps To Reproduce* Go up to the the lever In the Priest's room
* Crouch and look at the center of the lever
* The spare key on the shelf above the lever is highlighted (unexpected)
Tagshighlight, precision, usability


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