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0006513The Dark ModModelspublic01.04.2024 18:36
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Summary0006513: Modules: Interior corner has left window but no right window version
DescriptionI noticed various issues with the building modules, namely incorrect origins and rotations which would be hard to fix now without breaking existing maps. A few are missing variants which are easier to fix. I don't remember if there are several and we should probably update this report with others if so, but there's at least one important missing module I keep running into and actively limited by in building design. Attached a screenshot which shows exactly what's missing.

models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_set01_corner.lwo contains a window version called models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_set01_corner_window_left.lwo, however there isn't also a models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_set01_corner_window_right.lwo to accompany it. Because of this you can never have a window on the right side of a corner and they're only possible to place in some positions. It should be easy to produce the right window corner by mirroring and rotating the left window corner mesh.
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