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0006519The Dark ModCodingpublic08.04.2024 23:27
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PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version11 Bullseye
Product VersionTDM 2.12 
Summary0006519: Using spyglass prevents player from toggling other items
DescriptionWhen the spyglass is used, it is not possible to toggle other items:
* map
* lantern
* compass

Discovered in TDM 2.12/64 #10651.

This is particularly an issue when
* Having the map up and activating the spyglass, it is then not possible to hide the map. A player may not realize that the spyglass is activated, and may not understand why they cannot hide the map.
* Using the spyglass as a magnifying glass for viewing something close and wanting to add light by turning on the lantern.

Possible solutions, one of:
* (preferred) Make it possible to toggle all items independently
** (consideration) Should map then spyglass mean "use spyglass on map", or should spyglass always appear behind the map?
* (quickfix) Prevent use of spyglass when map is showing
Steps To Reproduce* In Tears of St. Lucia, buy the map and start the mission.
* toggle spyglass with letter g
* toggle map with letter m
Tagsgame controls, usability


related to 0006422 new Make it possible to toggle lightgem 


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