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0006532The Dark ModSoundpublic07.05.2024 20:11
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version11
Product VersionTDM 2.12 
Summary0006532: Custom main menu music doesn't always play if sound shader has 'leadin' property
DescriptionIf a custom sound shader has a 'leadin' sound specified, in some cases the leadin sound is played but the main sound is NOT played.

In the example described here, the leadin sound is in fact 'sound/ambient/ambience/silence.ogg', so it appears that nothing is playing:

However with some more testing where I changed the leadin sound to 'sound/ambient/environmental/animal_cat02.ogg', it is obvious that when the menu music is working, the leadin sound is played followed by the main sound.

When it is NOT working, only the leadin sound is played.

As the forum post states, it works when:
- the game is first loaded and when viewing the text briefing

It doesn't work when:
- escaping from in-game to the main menu
- after quitting a mission and returning to the main menu

Also I noticed something else when testing with the cat sound - for some reason if that is included as 'leadin' sound, it makes the main sound play at a slower tempo. Not sure if it's related or a different issue.
Steps To Reproducesee post above for full details
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