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0006538The Dark ModGraphicspublic28.05.2024 03:52
Reporterwellingtoncrab Assigned Tonbohr1more  
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Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Target VersionTDM 2.13Fixed in VersionTDM 2.13 
Summary0006538: Volumetric Lights and Certain Alpha Effects Not Visible in Xray Subview as of 2.11
DescriptionAt some point between 2.10 and the 2.11 release certain alpha effects like volumetric lights and particles stopped rendering correctly in the xray subview, breaking the intended visual effects in at least two missions: Written in Stone and Iris.

The conditions where alpha effects do not render as they did in 2.10:
-Any volumetric light will not render in the xray subview
-Any particle which is behind objects/geometry being "hidden" when the xray subview is on screen will not render
Steps To Reproduce-Revert to 2.10
-Load a mission with volumetric lights and particles which makes use of the xray subview such as Written in Stone or Iris
-Acquire the xray glasses such as those in Iris available at viewpos: 3302.34 413.75 1053.62 40.6 159.2 0.0
-Notice how volumetric effects and particles which are behind geometry/objects "hidden" by the glasses remain visible when the xray glasses are equipped

Iris viewpos example VL:
3371.75 -922.55 69.26 -1.3 -27.1 0.0

Iris viewpos example occluded particle:
2721.91 1617.76 26.48 2.6 4.8 0.0

-Install 2.11 and repeat steps above. Now all VL effects will fail to render in xray subview and any particle effects behind geometry hidden by the xray subview won't render either.
VL Example:
Particle Example
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27.05.2024 18:32

developer   ~0016712

Last edited: 27.05.2024 18:47

Particle sorting broke in the first dev build dev16481-9881
Volumetric lights broke right before beta in dev16650-10157

This bug tracker regarding a volumetric light reimplementation lists disabling of VLs in subviews (r10156 ):


27.05.2024 19:27

administrator   ~0016713

See also:


28.05.2024 02:39

developer   ~0016714

Rev 10748 fixes the volumetric lights.

Will try to narrow down the particle issue.


28.05.2024 02:52

developer   ~0016715

Between TDM 2.10 ( Rev 9853 ) and Rev 9881 none of the source changes look like they could impact this?
It's all infrastructure stuff like updating libraries and changing MSVC versions.

Gonna check asset...


28.05.2024 03:39

developer   ~0016716

Last edited: 28.05.2024 03:52

Fixed the particles in 10749

Story time:

I didn't trust that this was an asset side issue so I went back to pre-2.10 final commits in case something didn't make it into release but was in trunk.

As I recall, Duzenko's depth capture optimization for subviews ( and my fix for it ) just snuck into 2.10 final at the last second but I looked at the logic
and it seemed that the current design would kill all soft particles in subviews.

So I changed the code to exclude the optimization for xrays and now the particles work.

I am "pretty sure" that the optimization made it into 2.10 so I can only guess that it works different in the "new backend" verses the old?

Anyway, I'll probably need to revisit this because this optimization is probably killing smoke (etc) in mirror views too.


28.05.2024 03:48

developer   ~0016717

Rev 10750

Restore soft particle rendering to mirrors

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