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0006543The Dark ModGUIpublic04.07.2024 19:03
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Product VersionTDM 2.12 
Summary0006543: Change TDM codemap to add 2 new characters
DescriptionThe current TDM char set has a redundant treatment of 2 characters:
    Ô appears at both 0x88 and 0xD4
    ô appears at both 0x98 and 0xF4

It is proposed to end this redundancy, allowing 2 new characters, namely Ğ/ğ, with breve (cup), where
    Ğ uses TDM codepoint 0x88
    ğ uses TDM codepoint 0x98

The Stone 24pt revision underway for TDM 2.13 now includes these glyphs and DAT changes. Additional steps needed for TDM 2.13 are:
1) Revise the wiki Charset page
2) Alter the DAT files of all existing fonts/sizes (except Stone 24pt) to handle missing breve accent, as follows:
        codepoint 0x88 in DAT --> glyph for ASCII G
        codepoint 0x98 in DAT --> glyph for ASCII g
    Since this is just a copy/paste operation, it should not take long per DAT file.
3) Alter 4 language-specific codepoint maps (tdm_base01\strings\,,, and to remove these transformations:
        source target
        ===== =====
        0x88 0xD4 // Ô
        0x98 0xF4 // ô
    This will allow utilization of Ğ/ğ in Stone 24pt (and any future font upgrade that includes it.)
4) Include (2) and (3) in the 2.13 betas.
Steps To ReproduceN/A
Additional InformationYou can assign this work to me, except for (4).

For more, including role of Ğ/ğ and alternatives in 8859-x standards and TDM-supported languages, see:

Additional concerns -
A) It is possible that some translators of the 4 languages used the 0x88/0x98 codepoints instead of 0xD4/0xF4 directly. The symptom would be - after change (3) above - "G" now appearing where a "Ô" was expected (and likewise lower case). This could affect:
-- strings in the main menu system
-- strings in a particular i18n FM (This is probably a low-level post-2.13 concern)
Translator help may be needed. The fix presumably involves revision of all.lang and regeneration of the czech.lang file (etc), ideally by someone with a 8859-2 codepage PC.

B) Existing main menu fonts don't extend beyond "top 50 European characters". Most FM fonts don't extend beyond ASCII. This doesn't address that larger problem. Short-term, it mainly is for the benefit of Stone 24 pt and its potential uses.
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22.06.2024 00:37

reporter   ~0016765

Item (1) has now been addressed.


26.06.2024 21:00

reporter   ~0016779

Item (2) is queued up, but it uses refont, and I need to further improve warning messages in refont first.


04.07.2024 19:03

reporter   ~0016788

Here's a status report about work on part (2) of planned font conversion to use G-Breve.

At this stage, refont was used to generate first-draft REF files from the full corpus of TDM font DAT files. As part of this effort, refont's problem detection was iteratively improved, to give better minor and major warnings of problems. An overview of findings follow, with categorization into 3 buckets, as to how ripe the REF files are for continuation to the next stage. As for refont itself, improvement of v 1.2 is on-going.

Particularly problematic fonts are mason and mason_glow. These 48-pt-only fonts use per-character scaling that none of the other fonts do. Refont currently doesn't much support this, and won't for v 1.2; maybe later.

Early candidates
These fonts gave no minor or major warnings as their DAT files were read by refont. They can be converted now by hand (e.g., hand-edit REF, then --> DAT). [Maybe do some by hand, then, once understanding of cases is reached, automate it.]

12 pt size: all except mac_humaine

24 pt size: lotharus [and presumably current 2.13 alpha of stone]

48 pt size: bamberg, carolingia, chrishand, ellianerelle, everett, gothica2, jd_hand, lotharus, medusa, nancy, popsies, rapscallionpirate, shoppinglist, summertime

Midterm candidates
These gave only minor warnings. A minor warning indicates imprecision-from-integer that is less than 0.001. Extension of refont to optionally auto-correct these imprecise values (of which there are typically lots) is desirable. Then do G-Breve conversion as with early candidates.

12 pt size: mac_humaine

24 pt size: andrew_script, bamberg, carolingia, chrishand, ellianerelle, everett, gothica2, jd_hand, mac_humaine, medusa, nancy, popsies, shoppinglist, summertime

48 pt size: andrew_script, mac_humaine

Last candidates
These gave major warnings. One needs to proceed carefully.

24 pt size: camberic, carleton, carleton_bold, carleton_condesned, carleton_glow, rapscallionpirate, treasure_map

48 pt size: camberic, carleton, carleton_bold, carleton_glow, carleton_condensed, mason, mason_glow, stone, treasure_map

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