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0006545The Dark ModTexturespublic24.06.2024 13:24
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Target VersionTDM 2.13Fixed in VersionTDM 2.13 
Summary0006545: Create weather materials capable of particle collisions
DescriptionRight now, TDM only has three weather materials capable of particle collisions (rain2_downpour, rain2_heavy, and rain2_light). so I would like to create weather materials capable of particle collisions for the remaining weather materials in order to save time for mappers so they don't have to create custom materials.

I think it would be useful to provide brief comments in the material file about how to use the particle-colliding material, as not many mappers are even aware of particle collisions
Steps To ReproduceSimply create an alternative material (i.e., snow2_light, etc.) that uses deform particle instead of deform particle2

The existing rain2 materials have incorrect particles that are missing crucial keywords (collisionStatic, etc.).
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18.06.2024 18:46

developer   ~0016760

Relevant discussion here:


21.06.2024 19:27

developer   ~0016764

Added particle collision-ready materials in rev 17071


22.06.2024 14:24

administrator   ~0016766

I am a bit worried that people who don't indend to have collisions, or who already made their maps without them.
Static collisions have their limitations which you should take into account.

By the way, sometimes I think maybe it would make sense to move collision settings into a separate decl file.
Although even then I'm afraid materials have to be forked if you want to enable collisions.


22.06.2024 17:40

developer   ~0016768

Yeah, this is a tricky thing for sure, so if I did do something wrong here, please let me know. But here is my thinking: there were already three particle collision-ready materials in the core mod (named something along the lines of rain2_*) so I simply thought it best to see that through and add in particle collision-ready weather materials for each weather material already in the core mod (these new ones are called snow2_*). From recent discussions, it seems like several mappers don't even know this feature exists, let alone how to use it, so I'm hoping that by providing these particle collision-ready materials into the core, that will just be one less complicated step mappers need to do.

I should also note that the three existing "rain2" materials, they pointed to incorrect particles, so collisions didn't even work anyway (but this issue has been fixed in Rev 17071)

I did include some extensive notations in the material and particle files on how to use particle collisions.

One option would be to put the particle collision-ready materials into a separate folder, something like "textures/darkmod/weather/weather_particle_collision". This would break the materials in existing maps, of course, but there aren't many existing maps that use the existing rain2 particles (if any actually, since Goldwell and I had to make custom materials for our FMs anyway). But I'll defer to your judgment on the best path forward

Finally, I was thinking about creating a simple particle collision test map to show mappers what can be done with the system (I know there is your developer test map you made, but my goal is to simplify it even further so that mappers would be able to see this feature in action and take a look at the materials making it possible)


22.06.2024 17:50

developer   ~0016769

Also, is there an issue if a mapper accidentally uses a particle collision-ready material but doesn't want particle collisions? If that's the case, they wouldn't use the "runParticle" command and the particle-collision material would simply go through the brushwork anyway.

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