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0006552The Dark ModAIpublic13.07.2024 15:51
Reporterdatiswous Assigned ToAmadeus  
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Product VersionTDM 2.12 
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Summary0006552: Create spawnargs for follow-distance of ai
DescriptionSee post

You can make ai follow you, but there is no way to specify the distance of following. This is hardcoded in FollowActorTask.cpp :


Would be nice to be able to set this via spawnargs.
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03.07.2024 10:04

reporter   ~0016787

Geep proposed:

"I wouldn't mind having "side by side" tracking too (one or two more spawnargs), but that's no doubt a bigger bite, and has complications like passing through doors."


12.07.2024 17:51

developer   ~0016791

Last edited: 12.07.2024 18:00

Rev 10824: Added three spawnargs: "distance_follower_reached", "distance_follower_catchup_distance" and "distance_follower_stop_running"

Some areas for future improvement would be:
1) Support for multiple followers. It currently works now, but there is some strange pathing behavior when you have two or three followers following a single AI
2) Side by side tracking, as noted in the comment above
3) There is some odd behavior when an Actor AI is at a path wait node. The Follower AI stands in front of the Actor AI and stares at him. It seems like it would be more realistic to have the Follower AI stand behind the Actor AI when standing still at a path wait node

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