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0006553DarkRadiantGeneralpublic04.07.2024 17:28
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Product Version3.9.0 
Summary0006553: Feature Request: avoid 'Game/Project setup...' hassle
DescriptionIf you are in DR and want to quickly look at a different map than the one you are currently working on, you need to:

1. open the new map
2. change the 'Game/Project setup...' setting. This allows DR to load any map-specific assets (textures, etc).

2 is optional, but you usually need to do it. It's a bit of pain because the other map could be in a different TDM installation, you need to browse for it etc. Not the end of the world, but then when you are finished and want to go back to the original map you were working on, you need to change the project folder BACK to the original one.

Also it's easy to select the wrong TDM installation or FM folder here, and might not be hugely obvious at first. If you do this when switching back you might find that stuff gets saved in the wrong folder.

The idea would be to just have a 'one click' experience to switch between maps.

Some suggestions:

A: Can the 'game/project setup' not be derived automatically from the map location? e.g. the FM folder and the TDM installation directory are usually in the same relative location to the map file aren't they?

B: Have a new piece of configuration called something like 'Projects'. These would contain a path to the map file, as well as the TDM install and FM folder. To switch between maps the mapper would just select the project. These could be stored in local config and also made available for quick load similar to how you load recent maps now (File -> would be replaced by File -> 'some recent project')

C: maybe the easiest but not quite the best, is to keep a history of previous 'Game/project setups' so you don't have to browse for it all the time. But if you're going to do this you might as well do A or B?

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