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0000678The Dark ModCodingpublic05.01.2019 18:57
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Summary0000678: Need more cvars for controlling head bob settings

New Horizon: "I kind of need more control over the head bobbing. The overall speed of the bobbing doesn't properly scale while crouching or the footsteps are way too fast for those movements."

"For some reason, they don't seem to play the footsteps slow enough. Open up Thief 2 and use creep, then do the same in TDM. Same for crouching and creeping. The footsteps are way too fast."

SneaksieDave: "-standing creep seems too fast (as mentioned by NH)
-crouched running is way off, you cover several feet of distance between clomps
-crouched walk is similar, but much less pronounced"
Additional InformationNote that this isn't a purely cosmetic issue, as the bob cycle speed now affects footsteps too.

All of the head bobbing movements (cycle speed, rolling, pitching, vertical movement (pm_bobup)) need to be adjustable for every movement mode; walking, running, walk-crouching, run-crouching, creep-walking, creep-running, creep-walk-crouching, creep-run-crouching, ...?

Crouching and creeping can probably stand to be modifiers, though; we don't need 4*8=32 distinct settings!
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14.08.2011 23:58

developer   ~0003983

In reference to Baddcog's and Grayman's interest in better Portal Sky control methods:


28.03.2018 10:32


@nbohr1more, can this be closed now..?

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