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0000849The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic14.06.2008 06:53
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Summary0000849: Modify readable gui to raise body start if no title.
DescriptionModify a readable gui so the body text starts high if there is no title so as to maximize use of the page.
Test map : test/
Test gui : parchment_everett_hand_2.gui
Test xd : varibody_test.xd

The test body text would not fit on one page if it starts at the normal body position.
With no title it could start higher then it fits nicely.
The gui has been modified but the conditional statement ALWAYS works so the body text starts at the top even if there is a title.
Relevant section to be adjusted...

if ("$gui::title" == "")
   set "body::rect" "20, 10, 250, 380";

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