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orbweaver orbweaver master 2020-03-02 20:55:07 master 28358ed0
Affected Issues  0005210: Difficulty dialog shows string table entries instead of difficulty names
Changeset Show useful difficulty names in the Difficulty editor

The default difficulty names are contained within the 'difficultyMenu' entity
def stored inside the mod data itself; however these names are intended to be
translated using the mod-specific translation system, which is not read or
processed by DarkRadiant. Therefore the names actually shown in the GUI were
meaningless string table entries like '#str_03000', rather than the
user-friendly names like 'Easy'.

Rather than try to support the entire mod translation system, which would be a
massive task, a simple string table lookup is performed based on the contents
of additional <string> nodes which have been added to the darkmod.game file.
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