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0001090The Dark ModTweakingpublic22.06.2011 02:57
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Summary0001090: Moss Arrows "Hurt" Player after losing hp
DescriptionVery Trivial,

but I haven't seen this in the tracker so I thought I'd report it.

If the player has lost any hp, aims and shoots a moss arrow at his feet, the screen will go red as if he is being hurt by the exploding moss. I can't tell if it is actually damaging him, the health bar doesn't really move at all, but the red gets annoying, and might make someone flip out if they appear to be getting hurt.

If you do this with full health, than the red won't appear.
Additional InformationIts been doing this since thiefsden
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related to 0002784 new Moss patches need work 


Mortem Desino

Mortem Desino

12.03.2009 18:44

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Note to self: spawned blobs shot in the air sometimes CAN DAMAGE when colliding with player.



20.10.2009 14:09

reporter   ~0002695

Note: be on the lookout as well if they're damaging AI. I'm not sure about this myself, but in the training mission, firing the moss arrow near the KO hallway guard always alerts him. He might be seeing it instead (which is poor design for that objective), but I guess, since the player gets hurt, there is a chance the AI is as well. This is no good for a tool that's supposed to be stealthy and allow you to sneak up on AI.

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