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0002784The Dark ModCodingpublic07.05.2024 02:16
Reportergrayman Assigned To 
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Product VersionTDM 1.07 
Summary0002784: Moss patches need work
DescriptionMoss patches from moss arrows have several problems.

1. They don't look good on steps. They overhang the treads.

2. They can be kicked by passing AI. On steps, they can disappear, and even act like a sinking ship, upending and sinking into the step. On sloped floors, they can be kicked aside by passing AI, which destroys the illusion that they're a plant that's supposed to be 'stuck' to the spot where it landed.

3. Fire enough of them around the player and the player can get stuck.
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28.03.2018 10:05


ive seen a few thread for issue with the moss.


06.05.2024 12:25

reporter   ~0016682

I was just about to raise a similar issue in that a lot of the issues seemed to be caused by the fact that the moss seems to be solid.

My problem is that if you shoot a moss arrow at something that isn't a flat floor (e.g. a ledge or piece of furniture), it can overhang and block the player. It's just another reason for players to ignore the tools and consequently for mappers to not encourage their use.

Perhaps a quick test to see if making the moss material non-solid would be worthwhile?


07.05.2024 02:16

developer   ~0016685

Making the moss patch non-solid doesn't work, as there are no resulting moss footsteps. The player just ignores the moss entirely.

I also added a related bug to this tracker (1728)

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