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0001042The Dark ModPhysicspublic22.06.2011 02:55
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Summary0001042: Moss arrow spawns for too long
DescriptionThe moss arrow effect continues to shoot blobs into the air for what seems like fifteen or twenty seconds, yet no new moss grows after the first two or three. The most patches seem somewhat far apart, aesthetically, which would make me wonder if it were safe to step on the bare stone in between.
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related to 0002784 new Moss patches need work 


Mortem Desino

Mortem Desino

13.02.2009 01:44

reporter   ~0002336

The particle effect and 'shooter' (which creates new moss blobs) both last 10 seconds. Perhaps it -could- be lowered a bit.


02.08.2009 00:00

administrator   ~0002580

Last edited: 02.08.2009 18:28

For the record, I still find this too long. I was playing a mission where I was in a hall and waited for a guard to leave and turn a corner, shot a moss arrow near my feet, and the moss was still spawning blobs when the guard reached the end of the hall and came back. Made it that much more difficult to believe he didn't notice.

Beyond that, after two or three seconds, no new moss patches are formed, so the extra eight seconds or so of particle effect seems unnecessary.



20.10.2009 14:04

reporter   ~0002694

Agreed, it just keeps going and going...

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