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0001981The Dark ModModelspublic15.02.2017 04:38
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Product VersionTDM 1.00 
Summary0001981: Decrease size and profile of moss clumps?
DescriptionThe KO hallway in the training mission illustrates the point of this entry. The moss clumps are huge relative to AI. They'd probably weigh 15 lbs each. Also they are a very bulky lump, as opposed to a stealthy, flat (hopefully often unseen by passersby) patch. Unfortunately at current shape and size, they are comical in an otherwise believable setting.
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related to 0004177 new Func_fractures overhaul 
related to 0002784 new Moss patches need work 


Mortem Desino

Mortem Desino

21.10.2009 17:39

reporter   ~0002701

After reducing the model size, all that needs to be done in code-support is go to tdm_weapon_mossarrow.def and increase the shooter's ammo value.

entityDef atdm:projectile_result_moss_shooter
Line 114 "ammo" "13"

As long as the mass value stays the same, throwing distance and the whole area of result should be the same.


24.10.2009 14:06

updater   ~0002712

I also recommend that moss be made translucent and fade to invisible all but a faint green at the edges, perhaps with tendrils. So more discreet.


23.03.2010 14:18

reporter   ~0002952

So, was the model size reduced? Do we still need to increase the ammo value?

And has oneone explored a vertex paint on the model to make it "fade away" at the edges?


23.03.2010 15:19

updater   ~0002959

While looking at this - the clumps would look a lot better if they had a random horizontal rotation. At the moment they all align in the same direction which makes it look a bit strange.


30.10.2011 17:09

viewer   ~0004112

Is the random rotation the last thing that needs to be added to resolve this issue? I should be able to add that easily in the script that fires the clumps.


30.10.2011 20:57

administrator   ~0004117

They still seem to spawn "blobs" for a ridiculous amount of time (a good ten seconds), though I think there's a separate entry for that.


13.09.2015 23:37

administrator   ~0007770

Last edited: 14.09.2015 00:17

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I'd still like to resolve this...the moss arrow particle fires excessively long.

1. Particle duration. The particle works in a strange way. The "moss_shooter" particle is the one used for the little moss blobs that shoot into the air. At the moment, it lasts 5 seconds longer than the "max_lifetime" of the "atdm:projectile_result_moss_shooter", which currently means it fires for 10 seconds. Not only does this seem like a long time, but no new moss is generated in the last five seconds, which makes the shooter look even sillier.

I can't find out where this duration is controlled, however. If I set the particle count to 1, The moss fires lots of blobs during the first 5 seconds, and then 1, as expected, during the last five.

This leads me to believe that something is firing off lots of particles during the first 5 seconds, but I can't figure out what. I can't figure out the mossarrow result script.



14.09.2015 16:25

reporter   ~0007775

I have this on my hit list too as a result of breakable_glass overhaul. The moss blobs don't stick to vertical surfaces like glass, and would look ridiculous if they did unless we figured out how to tilt them. I've looked into the mechanism and made notes, although I can't answer your question off the top of my head.

Do you think we should be fixing them, or trying out a redesign? Perhaps a decal as was suggested in the glass thread?

Another problem with moss blobs is that they are physical items in the world. The player and AI can kick them around, evidenced by a video report from AH in the 2.03 beta thread. There's no need for them to have physics. The carpet sound of footprints on moss is applied to the underlying surface, it doesn't rely on the player stepping on a blob.


14.09.2015 16:54

viewer   ~0007776

I thought I had added something to keep the moss blobs from getting kicked around.


14.09.2015 17:20

reporter   ~0007777

Ah, you might well have. I'm just remembering AH's report months ago.


14.09.2015 17:27

viewer   ~0007778

Looking back, I believe I tried to reproduce kicking the blobs around and couldn't. A comment in a previous issue says they don't move after planting themselves.

Not sure what the reporters were seeing.


14.09.2015 20:35

administrator   ~0007780

"The moss blobs don't stick to vertical surfaces like glass, and would look ridiculous if they did unless we figured out how to tilt them. I've looked into the mechanism and made notes, although I can't answer your question off the top of my head."

Couldn't we use the same method that the vine arrow uses for the initial vertical piece? That effect seems to work well.

Or is the idea that the moss arrow shouldn't spawn blobs on the floor if it hits glass?


14.09.2015 23:29

administrator   ~0007781

Btw, textures/darkmod/decals/vegetation/moss_patch_thick01 is the decal used on the moss model, so that would be a good decal to test with if we can use a decal.


14.09.2015 23:49

viewer   ~0007782

I watched AH's blob video and it does move, so it's reacting to the physics of the AI running over it. Looks like it's tilting slightly and settling in a new place. Perhaps it has something to do with the uneven contact points.

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