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0001148The Dark ModScript/Defpublic22.11.2011 19:20
Reportertels Assigned Totels  
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Summary0001148: add entity defs for static light fixtures like oil lamps
DescriptionThese should be modeled like candles, with an entity "oil lamp" with a def_attached light source (candle flame f.i.).

This would automatically allow relighting/extinguishing of them, adds the fire stim etc. It also makes it easier for the mapper to not have to adjust the placement of the flame painstakingly to each model.
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28.10.2008 19:19

reporter   ~0002132

First entites are done, check maps/test/

* oil lantern standing
* oil lantern hanging
* oil lamp wall mounted
* wall torches (2 types)
* lantern oil hand


* desktop lamp

These are missing and probably need an automatic link feature so the N particles get linked to the one light that provides the actual light:

* wall mounted candles
* chandeliers


25.07.2009 11:01

reporter   ~0002557

Chandelier with 3 candles is done, as well as the desktop lamp (which is switchable).

Wall mounted candles are still missing.


01.01.2010 10:20

reporter   ~0002821

Added fireplaces and campfires including new fire+smoke particles.

Wallcandles, some torch combos and wallcandles/chandlier with only one light (by using lights with steps) still missing.


01.01.2010 14:09

reporter   ~0002828

Added three entities for geodes (crystals) with glowing, pulsating lights.


04.01.2010 21:25

reporter   ~0002847

Just noticed today that we are missing all electrical lamps. Adding a model and a light is fine for non-extinguishable variants, but we need combo entities for switchable ones because they need to switch their skin to unlit.

Also the new campfire/bonfire entities should damage the player via damage_stim. We also need a new skin & material for "only some coals hot" because the campfire_burnt_down looks the same extinguished and lit.


04.01.2010 22:35

reporter   ~0002848

Added skin tdm_coals_smouldering. Also adjusted bounds for fireflames (esp. the larger ones) so we can no add a damage stim.


17.02.2011 15:28

reporter   ~0003600

We miss combined entities for our gaslights, so they can f.i. switch their skin to unlit. (models/darkmod/lights/extinguishable/gaslight4.lwo)


17.02.2011 16:21

reporter   ~0003602

Gas lights have been added.


22.11.2011 19:20

reporter   ~0004176

This is more or less done, if there is anything missing, a new report can be opened.

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