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0000125DarkRadiantGUIpublic27.03.2007 15:56
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Toorbweaver  
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Product Version0.8.1 
Fixed in Version0.9.0 
Summary0000125: Arrows to navigate folder trees
DescriptionA perfect partner to the jump-to-letter functionality (whatever that's called) would be the ability to use the arrow keys (and/or perhaps enter and backspace?) to open and close folders and navigate.

For illustration: getting to metal trims darkmod folder would be a matter of opening the textures folder, typing 'd', pressing right arrow, typing 'm', pressing right arrow, then typing 't'. Presumably the user could arrow up and down to scroll through the textures.
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15.02.2007 10:18

developer   ~0000137

I have noticed this and I am surprised this doesn't work out of the box. Investigation required to see whether GTK supports this.


18.02.2007 13:32

developer   ~0000159

I did some investigation and I cannot find any way that GTK can be told to do this -- maybe there is some complex style property that can be set, but I didn't find any.

While it would be theoretically possible to code up all of the event handling and callbacks necessary to implement this in application-space, I don't want to take this road since this is a GTK issue not a DarkRadiant one.


25.03.2007 15:33

developer   ~0000498

I didn't realize this had been closed. Is it possible to at least have Enter open a folder? That way the user goes to the media tab, types "da" and gets darkmod, hits Enter, types "w" and jumps to wood, hits Enter... and so on?

Failing that, can we scale back the existing shift-arrow functionality (which expands the _entire_ tree) so that it only opens one folder at a time and doesn't go through the whole tree? It would be much more usable if so.


25.03.2007 16:25

developer   ~0000501

It *may* be possible to achieve this using custom keybindings in .RC files. Probably you want this behaviour for all GTK apps, but it should also be possible to supply a custom GTKRC file for DarkRadiant.

Key binding information:

Resource file information:


25.03.2007 16:47

developer   ~0000502

This can be fixed. You need to find the gtkrc-2.0 file (or equivalent) on Windows -- I am not entirely sure where this is unfortunately -- and insert the following:

-- BEGIN --
binding "ExpandRows" {
    bind "<Control>Right" {
        "expand-collapse-cursor-row" (1, 1, 0)
    bind "<Control>Left" {
        "expand-collapse-cursor-row" (1, 0, 0)
class "GtkTreeView" binding "ExpandRows"
-- END --

Theoretically you can use any keybinding you like here, I have use Control-Arrow but you could use just an arrow if required.


25.03.2007 16:50

administrator   ~0000503

The .rc file is here:

C:\Program Files\<Common Files?>\GTK\2.0\etc\gtk-2.0

I don't know exactly, what the common files folder is called in the English WinXP version, I have the German one.


26.03.2007 22:30

developer   ~0000514

Ah! Thanks guys, that's great. :)

Only leaving this open for feedback, will close right away - should this be included in the package by default, or no?


27.03.2007 09:58

developer   ~0000515

Since it is a global GTK issue rather than DR-specific, we can't really package it as part of the release. It could go on the Wiki in a Hints & Tips section however.


27.03.2007 15:56

developer   ~0000516

Sounds good. Closing.

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