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0001423The Dark ModCodingpublic14.09.2017 03:46
ReporterIshtvan Assigned Toangua  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionThief's Den Release 
Target VersionTDM 2.02Fixed in VersionTDM 2.02 
Summary0001423: Silent rapid travel by bunny hopping exploit
DescriptionProbably as a direct consequence of having no "jump landing" sound, you can spam the jump key and hold down a direction to hop, hop, hop in that direction. This lest you move fairly quickly while remaining absolutely silent. You have to keep hitting jump so that you leave the ground again before you get a chance to make a footstep sound.
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has duplicate 0003716 resolvedSteveL Bunny Hop Exploit 




16.10.2008 21:08

reporter   ~0002076

Update: I wasn't able to produce this in Saint Lucia, either it is fixed or it had to do with specifics of the previous test. I was testing in test/vehicle, where the map is all one big func_static terrain model. Maybe the modeled terrain behaves differently than brush floors?


16.10.2008 21:14

reporter   ~0002077

If anyone figures out what conditions this happens under (model floor vs. brush floor), let me know.


23.11.2008 10:12

manager   ~0002183

Fixed with introducing jump sounds.


11.12.2008 19:56

reporter   ~0002231

Last edited: 11.12.2008 19:57

Sorry I have to reopen this, but it still seems to happen on that particular map, test/vehicle. It might have something to do with landing on a func_static entity instead of the world? Or maybe the sloped terrain in that map? But I can still start running, then jump, jump, jump forever with no sound. I was also holding down the forward key as I jumped.



12.12.2008 15:29

reporter   ~0002232

This is very loosely related, so I wanted to mention it here:

Go into test/ Stand on the zombie wall. Run and jump off to the wooden floor. Many times, either the act of hitting the ceiling first, or something about the jumping (not sure) causes you to land without making a jump impact sound.

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