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0001426The Dark ModPhysicspublic04.07.2009 02:07
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Summary0001426: Grabber: Improper rotation to face player on 2-entity candles
DescriptionWhen grabbing the candles made from two moveables bound together (candle, holder), they don't rotate to face the player correctly when the player yaws their view. Could apply to all cases of grabbing two moveables bound together. Make sure we get the physics object of the bindmaster and not bind child.
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04.07.2009 01:29

reporter   ~0002525

The problem here is that when the Grabber goes to rotate the bindmaster to face the player, ClipRotation is detecting a collision between the bindmaster and the bind slave candle, and thinks it's butting up against a solid and can't rotate any more. So no rotation is allowed to face the player.

To fix this, we need to find out how to call ClipRotation such that it doesn't hit bind slaves, or set bound candles to solidForTeam 0, or something.


04.07.2009 02:07

reporter   ~0002526

Nope, as usual things aren't as simple as they seem.

Trace debug output is reporting a collision with the bind slave, even when it is set to have solidForTeam 0, which in fact was set all along because that's the default. So ClipRotation is hitting even when solidForTeam is zero.

However, it gets stranger: holder_tall_* doesn't rotate right, holder_round_* rotates fine. So what is the difference between the tall candle holder and round one?

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