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0001433The Dark ModAIpublic28.03.2018 21:51
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Summary0001433: AI should take cover from guessed attack position even if they can't see player
DescriptionIt would be nice if AI could take cover from a "guessed" player position rather than having to be still in combat with the player or having to see the player. That way even if you shoot at them from a concealed position, they could guess the position a shot came from and take cover from there (with the guess getting better each time they're shot at from the same position?).

As is, if you're firing from a dark spot, they just kind of walk around aimlessly and let you shoot at them a lot.
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related to 0004343 resolvedgrayman AI instantly lose track of the player on dark ledges 



28.03.2018 15:48


Since Gmans code changes to the Ai, they now zone in very well.


28.03.2018 18:33

developer   ~0010318

AI do not identify where the player is and take cover from the player's projectiles if the player is invisible.

There is another similar exploit ticket open from 2.04


28.03.2018 18:46


So the issue has been fixed then? or am I reading it wrong.


28.03.2018 20:07

developer   ~0010324

Not fixed.

When you are invisible AI run around to hiding spots but do not use the origin of projectiles to identify your general vicinity.

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