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0001471DarkRadiantGUIpublic31.12.2008 18:10
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version0.9.7 
Target Version0.9.9Fixed in Version0.9.9 
Summary0001471: Smarter string seeking
DescriptionI don't even know if this is possible, but doesn't hurt to ask.

Today I was trying to find the lantern entity to put it in a map. I ended up cheating by checking another known map with it (silly, I didn't think the actual spawn name would be the same as the entity name, duh). Anyway, while I had the entity tree open, searching for it, I was typing "lantern". Nothing would come up, so I assumed it would have to be added to a player's inventory or some such. But the reality was, "lantern" does exist, but as "atdm:player_lantern". So, the current seek ahead for typed strings only works from the front of the string. The question is, can it seek within the entity names? If so, "lantern" would have been found. Reality is, most users will think to seek for a "crate", not an "atdm:moveable_crate01". If the former could be made to work, it would be immensely user-friendly.
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28.10.2008 05:58

administrator   ~0002128

Can't say whether this is possible, off-hand. There might be a quick-search function exposed to the GtkTreeStore object, I seem to recall something like that in the docs.


29.12.2008 18:02

administrator   ~0002272

Resolved. It works like this: type in the search key, and then (while the search box is still visible) use the arrow up/down keys to browse through the results.


31.12.2008 18:10

reporter   ~0002281

Very nice. Here's hoping we can get something similar for models and textures.

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