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0001487The Dark ModAIpublic10.11.2010 07:00
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Summary0001487: AI paths into very deep water
DescriptionAI will happily path right into very deep water, even if it goes over their heads, and walk around on the bottom. It looks ridiculous to have AI strolling around on the bottom of deep pools of water where you'd expect them to have to swim. Their clothes don't get wet and don't billow realistically either.

To fix this, I suggest marking as unreachable all AAS areas which are immersed in deep water. The level of water which is considered "deep" is probably best set on a per-AI basis as a fraction of the AI's height. We wouldn't want them to tolerate much more than waist-high, or possibly chest-high, by default.

Presumably they can also drown if they walk into deep water, though I have not observed this happening.
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related to 0001488 closedgrayman AI mouth locations (for drowning) need checking 




10.11.2010 07:00

administrator   ~0003283

The drowning code is working at this point.

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